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  1. The Three days event will host a series of lectures and discussion, round table, a large expo, gala award and seminars of the latest in the coffee sector, and the changing consumer experience.

  2. The Chamber will facilitate the engagement of members, partners, coffee stakeholders and experts from the public and the private sector in the Coffee sector.

  3. another vent will offer opportunities to share best practices on the selected macro themes relevant to the coffee industry, coffee shops, baristas and coffee consumers urban.

Orlando, Florida. June 16, 2023.

The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces its premier “The Coffee Summit Around the World Disney 2023” to be held from September 18-19 at the Wonderful Courtyard Marriott Lake Buena Vista Orlando located at 8501 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836, United States.

The exclusive Expo and Conference put together more than 40 traders, 40 companies, 12 countries and over 30 top speaker The Priorities of the 2023 Agenda include seven macro themes: marketplace, innovation, digitalization, sustainability, also, understanding of coffee culture and the coffee chain as an economic model. The event is not open to the public.

“The Coffee Summit Disney 2023 is an opportunity to highlight to approach coffee, community, and collaboration with remarkable hospitality and a commitment to excellence in an elite business environment. With coffee, Summit’s commitment to relationships begins with an approach to the best price and suppliers inside the security process of the Chamber”, said Doug Mayorga, CEO of the Chamber, “I look forward to welcoming you to Disney this coming September 18”.

About the Coffee Summit Around the World Disney: Showcasing a large Expo, General Sessions, Panel Discussions, market presentations and other high-level activities. Is not open to the public, a trade-education conferences only event serving the coffee sector in all economic and business sectors including gourmet tea, cacao, wine, concentrated organic fruits among others. The premier summit will draw more than 100 attendees, exhibitors and top business leaders of the industry, connecting regional coffee communities through business summit and conferences.

For more details visit: will offer insights and well-founded, information valuable to coffee sellers, farmers, machinery and traders.

About the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce: Founded in 2000, headquarters based in Miami an operational center in Washington DC, Orlando, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The Chamber is a multilateral intergovernmental organization supporting exporting and importing countries to improve the trade, connectivity and secure relations of the agriculture sector. It provides a high- level forum for members only and official partners; and support for the development and funding of technical cooperation projects and public-private partnerships. 

The scope of international services serving entrepreneurs and foreign governments with matchmaking on three continents.U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce’s 36,000-plus members manage more than $200 million in business trade and investment annually, designed to increase trade and international cooperation across Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information, please refer to

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