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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the Premier the America’s Start Up Disney Summit 2023, Connecting entrepreneurs with industry leaders and fueling innovation through collaboration.

Orlando, Florida June 10, 2023. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the premier The America’s Start Up Disney Summit Orlando 2023 to be held next 29-30 of June at the wonderful Courtyard Marriot Lake Buena Vista located at 8501 Palm Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32836. The exclusive event with a theme dedicate to the future experience of the world: The Digital Transformation of the Economy.

The annual gathering of startup teams and business leaders from around the Americas who are building the next big thing. If you are building, investor, or innovator working with, or investing and development in startups, be part of this unique and exclusive encounter where more than 100 business leaders will be attending. 

  1. Meet the last technological innovations and trends in digital transformation
  2. The Intelligence recognition for Start up 
  3. Building a startup? Come talk about it.
  4. Working with startups? Access and collaborate with thousands more.
  5. Investing in startups? Do your next deal at Global.
  6. A worldwide community of industry experts,
  7. Innovators, researchers, and specialized media will have the opportunity to follow and interact in the debates.

“The economy instability has created strong tailwinds for the world adopting new digital development and adoption at an unprecedented rate and accelerated the next wave of a smart and economy of a new order under the currency transformation. Over the past challenging years, economy and smart city innovations have emerged as the champion force to power the speedy recovery for business communities, reinventing a smarter future for all”, Said Doug Mayorga, President of the Chamber.

Chamber’s Mission: Being a business economic hub with the distinctive edge of global vision, digital education, and strategic connectivity with the large minority firms in America, and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean, the conference in Disney isset to spur new growth leveraging opportunities brought by the America’s Startup Global Summit 2023 and from the new opportunities worldwide. The upcoming summit will unveil global and regional visions on how the digital world will supercharge smart economies as well as accelerate the formation of futureproof digital societies.

About the Chamber: An independent and private business organization based in Miami, Orlando, and Washington DC with international HUB in Bogota, Colombia and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Created by a group of individuals convinced that reduce poverty is necessary to be a real partner with rural area en Latin America that has the potential to change their communities for the better. Since our founding, the Chamber has advocated for trade, investment, education and economic development in the area  that help businesses create jobs and grow prosperity. Building on a strong legacy of trust and track record of success, we help today’s businesses start, grow, and thrive in a complex and constantly changing macro environment in the marketplace, you can visit: 

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