Reducing Poverty & Illegal Immigration through the
Entrepreneurship Spirit of the United States of America!

¡Reducing Poverty in Latin America & the Caribbean by Promoting U.S. Entrepreneurship Opportunity,  Economic Mobility and Foreign Labor Force!

Doug Mayorga

[email protected]

Dear Members and Friends: 

Moreover, our impact on economic development for 2023 has been substantial. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce is a business community-led redesign of our strategies for 2024. The America´s Economy Network by the Chamber and our Artificial Intelligence Committee Initiative for this new year 2024 will be an amazing development, represents the first major realignment of the Chamber’s facilitator for U.S. and foreign companies in almost 25 years.

The redesigned network significantly improves, providing quicker connections for members with counterparts in the region and U.S. Government agencies, ONG Philanthropic and Multilateral institutions, and high-tech providers – all in 45 minutes or less.

The Chamber is creating an easy path for trade, investment, international cooperation, relocation, foreign labor and other opportunities for our members and clients in the following markets: Washington DC, Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru and Dominican Republic.

The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce is helping to get the word out about all that is happening around our business community for 2024, as a matter of new event make plans or inquiries about an event in my lovely Puerto Rico. This January 19 Puerto Rico is Open for Busines

I want to invite you to celebrate and support the chamber and its members’ accomplishments of 2023 and see our vision for 2024. During the activity in San Juan, we are excited to celebrate some amazing companies and individuals located in Puerto Rico, Honduras, Colombia, Dominican Republic and U.S., who have given back to the economy in our community in many ways.

We will be honoring outstanding chamber businesses, government officials and individuals during our Awards ceremony and presentation at the best Awards of Excellence in the Americas 2024 schedule for Saturday January 20 at the wonderful Vanderbilt Condado in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 6:30 PM to 11 PM.

Today in our first statement of the new year 2024, I want to encourage members to try our Intelligence Business Network across all modes. As we start 2024 our impact resonates profoundly, reaching every corner of our business community, local, national and international. From education and connectivity to resilience, corporate compliance, foreign workforce, and export-import, we are the architects of positive change. Let us persist in our unity, innovation, and leadership as we collectively shape the future of Network in America.

I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering commitment to the Chamber and the flourishing future we are building hand in hand.

Hopefully continue in our dream to have America without poverty and illegal immigration through the entrepreneurship spirit of the United States. God bless you all.

By Doug Mayorga

CEO of the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce