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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces a New Chairwoman of the Health Committee Jennifer Gonzalez

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Miami, Florida, January 11, 2024–  The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce
announces 2024 Chairwoman of the Health Committee for January 2024 to December 2025,
Ms. Jennifer Gonzalez. “Building on a strong team of diverse experts in their fields”, Doug
Mayorga, CEO of the Chamber announced.

The committee provides a platform and a guideline for the consideration of healthcare
issues and business opportunities, by bringing together the wide range of healthcare-related
professionals among the Chamber membership. Also, provides leadership through the
development of pro-growth policy, effective advocacy, support for economic development
and quality services for members and legal immigrant.

Doug Mayorga, President and CEO of the Georgia Chamber commented: “From Venezuela
to the land of opportunities, the United States, Jennifer Gonzalez is the better option to
manage the leadership of the health committee of the Chamber. She has led through
challenging times and understands the importance of building on the foundation of the
Chamber´s accomplishments to achieve greater success tomorrow.”

“We all look forward to serving with passion and commitment for a better health´s program
during my administration. It will be a busy and consequential year for this new development
of the Chamber” said Ms. Gonzalez, “I am confident that the resurgence in forward
momentum experienced by our members will continue as he steps into the Chairman’s
position this year to provide different option for the need of health services in our Chamber.”

Ms. Gonzalez she is the president of Vida Protection one of the large minority companies has
been a passionate leader in the health sector in the last 20 years ago we know this
organization cares about creating better options to the families in south of Florida. In every
corner of this state, addressing issues that matter and supporting our local chamber

About Jennifer Gonzalez: As a Key Partner and head of Vida Protection, she has 20 years’
experience in advising clients in the healthcare & consumer sectors. She is specializing in
the conduct and on regulatory issues, market authorizations, clinical trial agreements and
public sector relations. In recent years, she also been involved in negotiating better option
in different plan like Obama Care and pharmaceutical contexts.

For more information about her company:

About the Health Committee of the Chamber: An authoritative voice on healthcare issues
affecting minority business members in America, and on developments in the healthcare
sector for more programs and resources.

About the Chamber: The mission of the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce is to
promote, support and advocate for minority businesses, to be their resource of choice, and
to be the catalyst for a community that prospers in the world of business and economic
development. We’re comprised of more than 35,000 businesses, from multinational
corporations who have established their base here to local product and service storefronts
that are the backbone of our community.

No matter where your business fits in, you can count on the Chamber to promote your
interests and make sure your voice is heard.

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