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Reducing Poverty & Illegal Immigration through the Entrepreneurship Spirit of the United States of America!

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As a member you are part of a connected, informed, and influential group for U.S. 

Minority Firms, elite and SME in Latin America and the Caribbean. We understand the specific issues you face in your sector, and we can share our deep knowledge, experiences and relations of the trade and investment context. We specialize in Lobby and public relations.


We make your job easier by delivering an exceptional relocation experience to your company or employees to the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, and Dominican Republic.

From immigration visa to build all legal process for a company with tax id, virtual offices, bank account, public relations, list of customers and a certification as U.S. minority firm.

Ventana Unica
- Unique Window -

As we define it Single Window: A buying and selling center based on the needs of the client or supplier, whose bone marrow is the exportable offer where the Chamber carries out export documentation, transportation, insurance, customs declaration and distribution, storage, transportation and confirmation delivery in a timely manner, linking more than U.S. 9,000,000 buyers of raw materials, food-beverage, particularly the population of restaurants, hotel, small supermarkets without brokers or intermediary.

Matchmaking Programs

The Chamber gives you access to the most reliable buyer, supplier, or investors to match you with the people that meet your specific needs and requirements and make easy the process of connecting you from all backgrounds, while our features make it easier to stay in the loop about potential opportunities. This includes clerical office with bilingual personnel, hotel, and personalized one-on-one agenda programs. Our program aspires to become the solution for visit to Washington DC, Miami, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, and Dominican Republic.

Business Tours by the Chamber

A tour for one or a group of 40 participants which includes in one price airlines, inland transportation, roundtable and event organizer, meal, security, and a variety of personalize service to visit Bogota, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.

The Tour including the preparation of seminars, conferences, receptions, and tourism visit related to export-import opportunities, development but also covers other issues including innovation, PP3 (Public-Private Partnership) relations, humanitarian assistance, and hosting large scale activities to enjoy.

U.S. Visa Entrepreneurship Services

Corporate, preferential, or elite members has at its disposal a wide range of benefits and incentives not only with clients, but also the U.S visa process without any charge for B1B2 or B1. An entrepreneur visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to start or invest in a business in the U.S. The purpose of the entrepreneur visa is to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the U.S. including Puerto Rico.

Although there are different types of entrepreneur visas, they will generally allow the applicant to gain permanent residency (green card) in the U.S.

U.S. Minority Business Certification: An independent, for-profit enterprise, regardless of size, is in the United States or in one of its trust territories, owned and controlled by an ethnic minority. Minority ownership shall be deemed to be ownership of at least 51% of the company by citizens of the United States who are of one or more of the following ethnicities: Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American. 

Any foreign company can partner with a minority counterpart in the United States to be granted as a Minority U.S. Company.

Event Planner Specialized

Is pleased to offer event planning and management services to the international business community. Our 24 years of experience with professional staffing, graphic designers, marketers, and logistics professionals is renowned for developing and executing smooth, compelling in-person events with impressive attendance. With a deep understanding of the business community, the Chamber’s team is uniquely poised to host corporate events and meetings, non-profit events, governments, and association events while delivering an outstanding return on investment, we are ready to deliver an exceptional event experience for your stakeholders and guests.