“Reducing Poverty Through the Entrepreneurship Spirit of the United States of America.”

On behalf of all Floridians, it is my honor to join the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce for the XXVII Minority Leadership Gala Awards 2023. Thank you for your work to continue Florida’s economic growth and create opportunities for Hispanic families across the state.

Hispanic leaders have helped shape Florida’s history and economic success, and we are proud to be the nation’s greatest melting pot. My goal in the United States Senate is to continue building on Florida’s tremendous success so every Florida family has the opportunity to succeed and live their American dream. I am incredibly proud of our state’s success, and none of it would be possible without hardworking members of the community like you.
Congratulations, again. Thank you for your efforts to make Florida the best state in the nation for businesses to succeed and families to live their American dream. I wish you the best for continued success.